The Elevator of Love

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“You need to climb the elevator of love, not the rough stairway of fear.” These words could have been written by any rock star today; Bono, Bruce Springsteen or even Lady Gaga. Instead our little Thérèse coined the phrase “elevator of love” over 100 years ago. Her suggestion was given to Fr. Maurice Bellière, the [...]

Teresa of Avila: Daughter of the Church

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By Susan A. Muto, Ph.D. Many and varied are the ways in which one can live a life of dedication to Jesus, of unswerving service to him, as our Divine Master, and to his Bride, the Church. At the basis of all that we do must be who we are as women and men [...]

The Mystical Pathway to Peace, By Megan Don

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“It is in your power to live and to die with this peace.” - Teresa of Avila   Our society is fraught with conflict, be it political, religious or personal.  It might even be said that we, as a human race, thrive on conflict, as it seems to be a precursor to our growth and change.  [...]

Mystical Living: A Contemplative Action, By Megan Don

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“There is no need to seek reasons for Your will, for You transcend all natural reason and make all things possible. Thus You show us that we need do no more than truly love You, and truly forsake everything for You, and that You will then make everything easy.” -Teresa of Avila The way of [...]