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The website of the Carmelite Institute of North America is a place to find and contribute to the contemporary interpretation of Carmelite spirituality, and to find inspiration for the journey toward intimacy with God in prayer. It is intended as a collaborative medium for engaging Carmelites and the wider public in the interpretation and application of our Carmelite charism to contemporary times and daily life.

We have a great treasure in our Sisters and Brothers who have gone ahead of us in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and left us and the world a rich legacy illuminating a mystical path that has guided countless men and women through their lives to the destiny to which God calls us all. This project is intended to give water to all who thirst for a spirituality relevant to their times and lives.

Thank you for finding our website, for in doing so, you are welcomed to our Carmelite community. We are so grateful you are here. As you already know,  or are just finding out, the Carmelite Institute provides quality online programs, as well as in-person gatherings throughout North America. We cannot exist without your participation and your advocacy.

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