The Mission of the Carmelite Institute of North America

The Carmelite Institute of North America is a collaborative effort of the Carmelites of the United States and Canada. Its mission is to promote the following of Jesus Christ through studies in the Carmelite tradition and by making the tradition available to our Carmelite brothers and sisters, as well as to all those interested in a spiritual life.


The Carmelite Institute of North America will:

  • Pursue the needs related to the study and promotion of the Carmelite tradition not currently being met by other groups or organizations.
  • Encourage research and scholarship in Carmelite studies by students of varied religious traditions and intellectual fields of interest.
  • Support the publishing of books, articles, and artwork, and the production of CDs and DVDs, which would otherwise not be available.
  • Provide curriculum and faculty for Carmelite Studies at Catholic University of America.
  • Collaborate with the Carmelitana Collection at Whitefriars Hall.