The Glorious Saint Joseph


By Sr. Helena of Mary   Devotion to St. Joseph was a hallmark of St. Teresa of Avila.  Teresa attributed her miraculous cure to Saint Joseph.  When she was living in the Incarnation Convent in Avila, she was struck with an ailment that left her half-dead.  She was paralyzed and was presumed dead at one [...]

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Sr. Helena of Mary, O.Carm.


 A Daughter of Saint Teresa  It is a bold statement to claim to be a daughter of the Great Saint Teresa!   But it is not so bold when one gets to know our Foundress, Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, who had such great devotion and admiration for this great woman of faith and mission, that she [...]

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Joyce W.


I'm a Catholic and a lay Carmelite because of St. Teresa.  I have her name as my confirmation name. Twenty years ago I was in a religious bookstore and saw a book called simply Life, and it was by St. Teresa.  Something, of course it was the Holy Spirit, made me pick it up and [...]

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