Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa- Year of Consecrated Life

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By Father Mario Esposito, O.Carm. Vice-Postulator During the month of January, as we keep our annual commemoration of the birth into life and eternal life of Venerable Mary Angeline Teresa, O.Carm., it seems opportune to spend a few minutes reflecting on the Venerable as a Consecrated Woman of the Church. The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and [...]

Martyrs of Compiegne

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Thérèse of St. Augustine and Companions By Leopold Glueckert, O. Carm. During the most violent phase of the French Revolution, the so-called Reign of Terror, an estimated 40,000 people lost their lives at the guillotine.  A disproportionate number of those were religious sisters and brothers, priests, bishops, and dedicated lay Christians.  This sad episode took [...]

Do You Believe In Resurrection?

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A Reflection for the Feast of Edith Stein, August 9   Do you believe in Resurrection? Deep down, do you really believe in it? What gives a person the rare ability to sacrifice her life? How did Queen Esther find the courage to offer herself for her people? How did Edith Stein find this same [...]

Teresa of Avila: Daughter of the Church

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By Susan A. Muto, Ph.D. Many and varied are the ways in which one can live a life of dedication to Jesus, of unswerving service to him, as our Divine Master, and to his Bride, the Church. At the basis of all that we do must be who we are as women and men [...]

Brocard, the Unknown Carmelite

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(to whom the Carmelite Rule was addressed) by Father Leopold Gluckert, O. Carm. How does one write a biography of someone whose known data consists of no more than his initial? The “Brother B” to whom the Carmelite Rule is directed remains shrouded in the mystery of the ages, even though some fanciful stories developed [...]

Andrew Corsini

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by Father Leopold Gluckert, O.Carm. In the context of the Middle Ages, Andrew Corsini stands out as one who was ahead of his time as a church reformer and a saintly example of what a leader should.  In the calamitous 14th century, bishops tended to comport themselves like feudal nobility, commanding armies and administering their dioceses like [...]

Angelo Paoli

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by Father Leopold Gluckert, O.Carm. In a world known for its callous disregard for the poor and downtrodden, the example of Angelo Paoli is a refreshing breath of air.  Angelo cared so well for his unfortunate brothers and sisters that he was known as “Father Charity” or “Father of the Poor.”  Fortunately, he did more [...]

Blessed Baptist of Mantua (1447-1516)

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by Leopold Gluckert, O.Carm. All things considered, it’s hard to imagine how the Mantuan Reform of Carmel could have produced a finer example of excellence than Battista Spagnoli.  During the difficult days before the Protestant Reformation, most religious orders had fallen into a spirit of lethargy and laxity, and in some cases, into frightful abuses.  [...]