A Theresian Paradigm of Healing for Abused Children: Cultivating a Lived Experience of God’s Love

2016-11-11T16:39:36+00:00 August 6th, 2013|Therese of Lisieux, Vilma Seelaus Prize|

This paper by Paul Houston Blankenship received First Place at the 2013 Vilma Seelaus Prize competition. Please click here to view.

The Elevator of Love

2016-11-11T16:39:41+00:00 February 8th, 2013|All, Poetry and Reflections, Spirituality, Therese of Lisieux|

“You need to climb the elevator of love, not the rough stairway of fear.” These words could have been written by any rock star today; Bono, Bruce Springsteen or even Lady Gaga. Instead our little Thérèse coined the phrase “elevator of love” over 100 years ago. Her suggestion was given to Fr. Maurice Bellière, the [...]