Little League


Walking out side in the spring, sitting on the bleachers to watch an inning of a little league game; seeing the life of little children, touching all the flowers, and listening to the birds. It is all so beautiful, but the longing for life is overwhelming it is like a longing that can stop me [...]

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Sunshine Falls on the Helpless Flower


On this feast day of Saint Therese, we remember that she suffered excruciating pain, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Suffering pain from tuberculosis, suffering rejection and constant misunderstanding, feeling profoundly her own weakness, and feeling cut off from God…all these made up the awful morass of suffering in which she continually lived. Traveling through this earth [...]

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Special Prayer on the feast of Saint Clair


   --Prayer for the grace to live in nakedness and poverty in conformity to Christ… (By Lindy Morelli)   When cold grief comes, She sits right down.   She makes a home Inside your soul--   She settles in--   There, spreading out Her massive skirts, Which smother you.   Like a thick, heavy blanket, [...]

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A reflection on loneliness


By LightSong “I am just so shocked at how alone I am,” said a friend recently when we last spoke. “I just can’t believe I am so very alone . . .” And I couldn’t help feeling that I understood. How many times in my own experience has this chilling killing feeling of loneliness come [...]

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Optimum, A Lenten Reflection


By Lindy Morelli “If today, you hear God’s voice, harden not your heart.” Psalm 95 Lent is a great and holy time to renew yourself in God…” she said, and I’ll never forget the impact of what that meant. Lent, a special time, a sacred season which we set carefully aside; a time to pray; [...]

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Psalm 1:2—3 “Blessed is the one…who meditates on the law of the Lord day and night; He shall be like a tree planted by streams of water; whose fruit does not fail and whose leaf does not wither…” Ephesians 3:14-19. “I kneel before the father from whom every family in heaven and on earth takes [...]


The Sower


  Fall:  1981   The golden, brownish reddish,  orange leaves, though withering, bear hidden life— In panoramic beauty, Their splendor for our pleasure, As they fall from stalwart  trees in Autumn-tide We gather them up in piles— For cozy fires, warm.   We pluckkand fill our baskets full with nuts, pumpkins apples— Plentiful fruit, Rreadily [...]

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Song of Bread


Song of Bread Bread, good wholesome, Wondrous… bread,   Coming from the gracious earth, Wheat and water, salt and grain—To Feed and nourish us.   Mixing kneading, rising loaf, Baking, breaking sharing all; Warmth and laughter, love and beauty For the hungry heart.   Bread, Fulfillment, o come down! Daily Bread to strengthen us… Love [...]

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Silence   Often, it seems to me, that as human beings, we fight against the very things in life that are the most valuable gifts to us or the best roads for us to walk on.   We may always want our lives to be different, always wanting something we do not have, but that [...]




Silver “When the sun falls on the silver, It heightens my gaze, And brightens my eyes…” Here are some lines from a poem I wrote many years ago—it has to be about twenty-five years ago now—   As I remember, I wrote it when all of a sudden, in the middle of a cold drab [...]